I received a Bachelor’s of Science in Mathematics from Oklahoma State University (2008), and a Master’s of Science in Professional Meteorology from the University of Oklahoma (2011). I am currently a software developer for a company in Edmond, Oklahoma.

I was exposed to programming in graduate school. Python was introduced to me via an officemate I had at the National Weather Center. I particularly enjoy using Python to analyze datasets. Since I have graduated, I have not done as much of this as I would like, but I’m looking for opportunities to get back into the habit. I am a huge fan of basketball, and I would like to create a web application where I provide various basketball statistics to users. I have never attempted to learn Django, but I feel this project would be a great reason to try.

At work, I primarily use Ruby. It has been a blast learning Ruby; it is a very pretty language. I have several ideas for web applications I would like to create using Rails. I have done several tutorials for Rails, but haven’t created anything more exciting than a Twitter-like app or a blog. I’m hoping to continue to expand my knowledge on Rails and start creating legit web applications by the end of 2013.

The most exciting part about being a software developer is there is always something to learn. I absolutely love that.


For the majority of my life, I have adopted a rather quiet demeanor, stuck to the sidelines, and rarely voiced an opinion. The purpose of this blog is to provide me an opportunity to venture out of my comfort zone. I plan on using this space of the internet to share my thoughts and experiences as I travel through life. In addition to this, I hope it can eventually grow into a collaboration tool with other developers.