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Favorite Podcasts – Part 2

Building on my last post on the subject of podcasts, I’m going to briefly discuss my favorite podcasts that deal with programming, fitness, and positivity.


I’ve been trying to immerse myself in the world of programming since I have started working as a software developer. My work requires that I write code in Ruby. Keeping this in mind, I did some searching online and came across a couple Ruby-centric podcasts. The Ruby Rogues is one, and The Ruby Show is the other.

The Ruby Rogues is a weekly show where a panel of guests sit down and talk about a specific topic involving Ruby. There have been some amazing guests on the show, and I have learned a lot and been inspired by them. One of my favorite guests on the show was Sandi Metz. After hearing her, I went to Amazon and purchased her latest book. I am still working through it, but it has been an amazing read so far. I have been trying to apply what I have learned through the book at my work.

The Ruby Show is a weekly podcast where latest news in the Ruby community is discussed. It is significantly shorter than The Ruby Rogues, but I always find out about a new gem or way of learning online that is interesting.


Robb Wolf’s podcast about fitness and eating paleo has become one of the podcasts I look forward to most on a weekly basis. Robb and his cohost answer health and fitness questions submitted by listeners. I have learned a great deal about fitness and nutrition through this podcast. Listening to it has given me ideas of new types of exercises to try, and new types of foods to try in the kitchen. For anyone interested in health and fitness, regardless if you are “doing paleo”, I highly recommend this podcast.


I have been making strides to be a more positive person, and some of the podcasts in this playlist help me on my daily journey to be happier and more positive. There are two that are at the top: Zencast and AudioDharma. Regardless of your religious affiliation, I feel you can learn from the messages presented in these podcasts. The various speakers stress the importance of living in the moment and paying attention to the feelings you are having. There is something very powerful about being angry and having the ability to ask yourself, “why am I feeling upset?” These podcasts offer a weekly reminder to keep this mindset. I don’t always succeed in implementing the tactics discussed in these podcasts, but I feel I am becoming a better person, and hopefully my friends and family would agree.