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RSS for HPC Discussions

I find one of the best ways to learn about the weather is to read discussions put out by NOAA.  I’ve recently started using Reeder on my laptop and my iPhone; I really enjoy how easy it is to keep up with blog posts and other RSS feeds that I follow.  There are several RSS feeds that are available through NOAA, but I have noticed that the Hydrometeorological Prediction Center does not offer RSS feeds for its many discussions.

I’ve decided to start to work on a script that will run via a cronjob on my web server that will retrieve these discussions and place them in an RSS feed.  The RSS feeds will be available at the following URL:

NOAA Discussion RSS Feeds

The code that I’m using to generate the RSS feeds can be seen at noaa-discussions. Feel free to provide any feedback by forking the repo and submitting a pull request. I am always open to the input of others.

Happy trails!